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Planned Parenthood Firebombed in Wisconsin






Fucking sick.

From the article:

On Sunday April 1, 2012 at 7:41 P.M. the Grand Chute Fire Department responded toPlannned Parenthood, 3800 N. Gíllett St for a fire alarm. While investigating the cause forthe alarm, firefighters  found evidence of foul play and requested assistance from theGrand Chute Police Department.

An unknown person placed a small homemade explosive device on an outside window
sill to the buílding. The device later exploded, causing damage to the building. A small
 fire broke out at the time ofthe explosion, but it quickly burned itself out prior to the
arrival of the fire department.

The Grand Chute Police Department is investigating this incident. It is believed the
incident took place around 7:30 P.M. If anyone has  about this incident,
please contact the Grand Chute  Department at 920-832-1575.

This is terrorism. It is not justified. It is not acceptable. It aims to frighten people who seek or provide abortions. It is terrorism.



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Operation Rescue launches database of abortion providers


To recap:

Operation Rescue is an anti-choice group with terrorist ties. Period. 

Their senior policy adviser is a convicted clinic bomber. 

The man who murdered Dr. Tiller had their phone number in his car. 

And now, this. This. I want to cry. I probably will, actually. And that’s what they want, I’m sure. Well, congrats, Operation Rescue. You have successfully instilled genuine, shitting-my-pants fear in me over the idea of clinic escorting tomorrow. I’m going to go anyway, of course, because it’s more important to me than my own life, but make no mistake, everyone: anti-choicers enable terrorists. Yes, even the ones who claim to be opposed to clinic violence. They enable this shit, they funded this website, and they support the people who created it. They are pissing themselves with glee over this.

There is no middle ground here. There is no compromising. They want us dead. 

And I ask you, great big internet, where’s Anonymous? Where are the hacktivists? Where are the people who are frothing at the mouth over SOPA/PIPA as an invasion of privacy? Where are the starry-eyed radikewls who are willing to drop their jobs and lives to camp out at Wall Street and have a drum circle? 

Honestly? Fuck you if you don’t care about this. Fuck you if you think it’s all about “the economy.” Fuck you if you’re too self-involved to recognize how access to reproductive health care is essential to economic security and social mobility for women, especially WOC. Fuck you if you are not enraged about compassionate physicians having TARGETS PAINTED ON THEIR BACKS BY A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. 

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Reproductive Health Reality Check | Ignore That Self-Affixed Halo: Anti-Choicers Know Just What They Are Doing to Incite Violence


They know, and they don’t care.

What’s most interesting to me about this article is that it explains something that I missed when people were posting about the chalk drawings with guns. Some protestors at a clinic drew a picture of a gun and wrote “Would it bother us more if they used guns?” Pro-choice tweeters and bloggers posted a picture of it, and that’s all I could see. I thought that it was probably some hipster kid who was trying to be creative but didn’t have any ill intentions. This article notes that another one said “What would Jesus do?” with a picture of a gun.

…That’s a little disconcerting and confusing, to say the least. I don’t think that one was so innocent.

I can’t even with this bullshit. Over and over with this stuff. How any of them can call themselves pro ‘life’ I’ll never understand.

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